iSurprise Checkerboard

Old navigational beacon for pilots headed to Kai Tak Airport

The crazy ‘checkerboard turn’ was known as one of the world’s most difficult landings.

Pilot's beacon

Facing the zebra crossing to the northwest, you can see a white-and-red checkerboard perched on top of the hill. This was the prime navigational beacon for pilots to prepare for landing at the now-closed Kai Tak airport.

World's most challenging runway

The crazy 'checkerboard turn' was known as one of the world's most difficult landings. Pilots needed to be specially certified to make the 47° right turn and complete the final leg while the aircraft was 3.7 km from touchdown, at a height of fewer than 300 metres. Talk about precision flying!

Majestic view of the city

Climb up to the hill for a fantastic panoramic view of Kowloon City! For years the checkerboard hill was off-limits, but now the freshly-painted slope makes for one of the nicest views of the city. Behind the Kowloon Tsai Park tennis courts is a path leading up the slope. Enjoy the view!

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