iShop Chiu Fat Grocery Store

Grocery store popular with the local Chiu Chow community

In the 1960s, 80% of Hong Kong’s rice stores were owned by Chiu Chow people.

Old school grocery shop

Chiu Fat is one of these typical neighbourhood mom-and-pop shops, known for its Chiu Chow staples like rice and medicinal tea. People also come here for more exquisite delicacies like dried tofu, olives, spicy radish and festive pastries.

Chiu Chow community

Chiu Chow is a city in the eastern Guangdong province. Many fled to Hong Kong during the First Opium War and settled here in Kowloon City. In the 1950s, when mainland China opened its borders to Hong Kong, there was a second influx of Chiu Chow refugees into Hong Kong, escaping communist rule. Chiu Chow people are born traders and quickly dominated the rice industry. According to Hong Kong Rice Industry History, written by Dr Victor Zheng, in the 1960s, 80% of Hong Kong's stores were owned by Chiu Chow people.

Our favourites

Try the Chiu Chow red bean cake (紅豆潮州粿) (HK$7). Rice is sold here by jin (500 grams). Pick your favourite flavours and textures straight from the barrel.

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