iSurprise Fook Tak Temple

Guardian gods hidden in a back alley

Fook Tak has no gender; sometimes she is female, sometimes he is male.

A hidden gem

Only locals know how to find this Tibetan-style temple hidden in an alleyway. It was originally located in the infamous Walled City, but when the bulldozers came, they packed up its whole inventory—including all statues and incense burners—and built it again in this little lane.

Praying routine

It gets busy here during the Hungry Ghost Festival, the most important festival for the local community. Some of the neighbourhoods' older residents still pray in the North Eastern direction to the walled city where the temple once was.

Supernatural powers

If you are lucky, you’ll run into Mrs Chu, the temple guardian. She is believed to have supernatural powers and can communicate directly with the Fook Tak god. Fook Tak is genderless; sometimes female, sometimes male.

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