iEat Islam Food

Fabled juicy Chinese halal dumplings

The signature veal goulash dumplings are so popular that they once sold 1,000 pieces a day!

Chinese food, halal-style

Mr Ma has been in the restaurant business since 1950 and opened Islam Food in the 1970s. At the time, it was one of the few Halal restaurants in Hong Kong. He lived and worked all over China and has taken myriad regional flavours to his restaurant, from the far North to the spicy south.

Authentically good

Islam Food is not just popular among the Muslim community: the down-to-earth, clean and welcoming restaurant has acquired a loyal following of locals from all walks of life.

Our favourites

Try the signature veal goulash dumplings (牛肉餅). These dough pockets (HK$38 for 2 pieces) are filled with juicy meat ready to explode in your mouth. They're so popular, they sell 1,000 of them a day! Tender, soft and creamy, the lamb curry (HK$78) is also a must-try here.

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