iEat Little Thailand

Authentic Thai flavours in the streets of Kowloon

An estimated 30,000 Thai people live in Hong Kong, and many of them settled here in Kowloon City.

Hong Kong's Little Thailand

Welcome to Hong Kong's 'Little Thailand'! An estimated 30,000 Thai people live in Hong Kong, and many settled in Kowloon City. The first influx was in the 1970s, with many Thai people trying their luck setting up street stalls on South Wall Road near Kai Tak Airport. They never left and started what has become the biggest concentration of stalls, video stores, beauty salons and grocery stores outside of Bangkok.

Our favourites

No visit to Kowloon City is complete without a Thai meal. Try the pumpkin and soft-shell crab curry at Chao Phraya, one of the first Thai restaurants in Kowloon City. Or sample some colourful Thai sweets made from rice, corn, fruits, jasmine and coconut. Bring home some sweet lotus root rice wrapped in banana leaf for HK$10 a piece or fresh mango sticky rice for HK$30.

Water festival

Every April, at the start of a new Thai Year, the local Thai community, led by the Thai Regional Alliance, takes to the streets to celebrate Songkran, the water festival. It is a Buddhist ceremony to mark the end of the dry season. It involves parades, cleansing rituals and lots of water. Visit Kowloon City during Songkran; chances are you will get wet, very wet!

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