iSurprise Star Shopping Mall (closed)

Once the soul of the neighbourhood

The star on the top floor became the landmark for Kowloon City.

The fading star of Kowloon City

A typical 1930s shophouse that doubled as a popular local shopping mall used to stand right here. The star on the top floor was the local landmark. Even today, Hongkongers still associate the star with the old Kowloon City neighbourhood.

‘A short storey’

Sadly, the star building is long gone, and a new tall skyscraper has been built in its place. In the days of the Kai Tak airport, buildings in this part of town could not be built taller than 10 floors, but now that the airport has long been closed, Kowloon City is gradually losing its unique urban grid and character.

Nice to know

Star Mall was owned by Kwong Min-Kwong, the chairman of the Lok Sin Tong School and Foundation, synonymous with this part of the city. He made his fortune in Cuba and invested all his money in Kowloon property upon returning to Hong Kong.

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