iSee Sung Wong Toi

There once were two princesses who lived on a holy hill...

This Sung Terrace stone sits on the very location of the original ‘Holy Hill’.

Small stone on a holy hill

"There once were two princesses who lived on a holy hill..." this is the story of Sung Terrace, the home of the two Sung princess who lived here one thousand years ago. A stone adorned with three red Chinese characters is the only memory left.

A hill worth fighting for

When the colonial government started to develop Kowloon, they built around this hill; that's how sacred it was deemed. Kai Tak's Mr Kai found scholarly epistles to convince the British that the hill was worth keeping. Yet, in the end, the Japanese flattened it to make room for the expansion of the Kai Tak Airport; now, only the stone remains.

Relics found

When construction work started for the new Sung Wong Toi MTR station in 2014, they found buried treasures of the ancient Kowloon City, including old wells and thousands of relics of the Sung era.

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