iEat Mau Fat Noodles (Closed)

Value-for-money beef brisket noodles

We used to call this village ‘Little Macau’! Locals would come here to gamble and straight on to Tsim Sha Tsui if they got lucky

The one and only

Since opening its doors 50 years ago, Mau Fat is the only noodle shop in the village and a popular local hangout. Mr. Ng, the owner - better known as Wah Jai - greets customers with a smile. “It was my dad who started this shop “he says proudly “I was born and raised here. I like to surround myself with things from the past, like handmade porcelain bowls. I plan to stay here for the rest of his life.”

The must-haves

The beef brisket is famous here, cooked with pepper, star anise, amomum and mahogany to bring out the flavour of the meat. It is said to even have medical benefits. Or try the fish balls with noodles, great value for just HK$16 for a bowl! “We make our fish balls ourselves, adding ice to the fish paste is the secret,” says Mr. Ng.

Little Macau

We used to call this village ‘Little Macau’!” Mr Ng shares: “Locals would paddle down here to gamble,and straight on to Tsim Sha Tsui if they got lucky”.

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