iSurprise Enning Road

The most beautiful old street

Sai Kwan-style

Enning Road dates back to 1931. Back then, it was the liveliest street around town. Because of its Sai Kwan style and large Kee-lau, it's known as 'the most beautiful old street in Guangzhou'.

Enning Public Coffee

This hip café is housed in a century-old mansion. With its gorgeous Manchurian windows, dark wooden furniture and the inviting scent of coffee wafting from the first floor, this place oozes a warm, welcoming and vintage vibe.

Enning Ice Cream Shop

The gelato here may be modern, but the shop itself is a taste of old Guangzhou. With its nostalgic red-on-white signboard and old-school calendar, this ice cream shop takes you back to your school days. Enjoy your ice cream seated on the bench in front of the shop to experience the atmosphere of the old Kee-lau.

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