iSurprise Wanfu Road

A picturesque cluster of Kee-lau

Overlooked street

Wanfu Road is a stunning old street in Yuexiu District, where the history of Guangzhou is still very much alive. As Wanfu Road is near the bustling, but not nearly as picturesque, famous Beijing Road, it's often unjustly overlooked.

At the beginning, because of the Westernization, many local shops imitated Western architectural styles, fortunately, they have not been demolished now, which is also the history of this place.
— Mr Li, Wanfu Road Resident

Old Hong Kong vibes

The giant Baroque arcade around the corner is nicknamed the "Colosseum arcade" by its neighbouring residents. The area is also dotted with tenement buildings built in old Hong Kong-style architecture. This eclectic mix of architectural styles gives the streets and alleys of Wanfu Road the grandeur of old Guangdong and Hong Kong.

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