iShop Weixing Copper Shop

Traditional handmade copperware

Sai Kwan-made copperware

Let the copper's golden bronze shine lure you in, and take your pick from (tea) pots, pans, bowls, utensils and more at this beautiful old shop. Handmade by a local craftsman, these traditional tools are found in pretty much any Guangzhou household.

Probably copper has become a hobby, and time is worth wasting on things you like.
— Su Guangwei, inheritor of Sai Kwan Copperware

Traditional craftsmanship

Locals affectionately call the owner of the Weixing Copper Shop 'Su sir', a proud craftsman in his fifties. Few people in China still handcrafted copperware right in front of their store, but Su sir has been doing exactly that for over thirty years now. "At that time, the days were very slow, the speed of delivering letters was very slow, and the copper was beaten by hand, and these bronzes were only made in our beatings one after another." Although Su sir initially joined the business to support his family, he found his passion in creating copperware. Sai Kwan’s traditional copperware-making skills have been included in the Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage List since 2010.

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