iShop Wong Soeng Wong

A Must-have On the Dinner Table

Guangzhou’s food image

The city's famous card must have the taste of the old Cantonese people's hearts: preserved meat. "Autumn wind rises and eats preserved meat" is a catchphrase many people use here. These days, however, you don't need to wait for autumn to enjoy this delicacy; you can get it all year round, right here. Wong Soeng Wong was the first in town to make preserved meat, and they've mastered the craft; the long queue of locals and tourists at the shopfront is a testament to that.

I think Wong Soeng Wong represents the old traditional food shop specialty in Chinese preserved/dry meat.
— Ms Huang, local resident

We recommend

Two Eight preserved meat is made with 20% fat and 80% lean meat, a popular choice with the health-conscious, young crowd. Fragrant preserved meat is an equal blend of fat and lean meat. The sugar and wine ratio is just right; the fen wine counters the fat of the meat and makes it extra fragrant.

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