iSurprise BEHS 2 Sanchaung

A famous girl’s school with a long history and stories of ghosts


This school has lived many lives. It was built as a school in the colonial days, used as a Japanese military base during World War II and turned into a convent after that. Still nuns from nearby churches come to the school to pray and the convent cemetery is at the back of the school, next to the children’s playground.

It may be my age but I have definitely seen two spirits. One was the spirit of a young woman and the other an old lady.
— the school groundkeeper

Moaning Myrtle? Try Moaning Mya Thwe

Having your school be on top of a cemetery brings out some other-worldly stories. Among the spirits that have been sighted here, one is of a nun that lived in the convent and another is of a mother and daughter dressed for school. So far, they have caused no harm and seem to be content roaming around the school. The groundskeeper who has lived in the compound since he was a child says: “My parents worked as groundskeepers and I have been here ever since. I am 64 now. It may be my age but I have definitely seen two spirits. People are sometimes scared to come into this compound at night but as long as you follow me around, you will be safe.”

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