iSee Chin Baptist Mission Centre

A religious centre for Christians from different ethnicities

The foundation

This is a church with many faces. It used to be a Kachin cemetery but when the military government took over, it was no longer used as one. When the Chin Christians were looking for land to build a church, this seemed the perfect spot and so the first brick was laid in 1990. In a rare religious appearance, General Khin Nyunt -a well-known military leader and general- cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

Our community welcomes any person regardless of their ethnicity. There are no fences here. Our members are not only Chin people; they are of different ethnicities such as Kachin, Burmese, Karen, Shan, and many others.
— Capt. Vung Khaw Za Thang

Growth and inclusion

When founded in 1980, this was the first Chin Baptist Association in Yangon. Initially, a community centre for Chin people who came to Yangon to study or work, the association grew into a network with sub-branches all over Yangon. This Chin Baptist Church remains at the heart and continues to draw newcomers every week. All are welcome, prayer services are in different Chin and Burmese languages.

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