iPlay Flyover

Urban street art, breakdance and popular hangout place

Public Canvas

Myaynigone flyover was one of the very first ones to be built in Yangon. When it was completed in 2015, street artists immediately turned to this untouched canvas and transformed the walls into an exhibition of freedom and art. Myaynigone flyover, is now one of the most unique spots in town for street photographers to capture what the youth have to say about culture and art on film.

The makeover

A few years ago the City Government (YCDC) and the French Institute - which is down the road - brought together artists, architects, and local organizations. Together they transformed the abandoned space under the flyover as a public recreational space.

When it comes to sports, it does not matter what your colour, ethnicity, or religion is. When we are playing chinlone, chinlone is what we care about and nothing else.
— chinlone player under Myaynigone flyover

Cross-generational unity

Day or night, the space is always busy. In the morning ladies take a break in the shade of the flyover; old men chat and play their chess; in the late afternoon, the chinlone and football players come, and in the evening, it is the home of a popular breakdancing crowd.

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