iPlay Freedom Cafe

A perfect place to use of your cats and dogs puns!

Purrfect for your ruff day

When Freedom Cafe on Pan Hlaing Street introduced Catpuccino in 2017,it was an instant hit among cat lovers in the city. A year later Puppychino made a splash at the Yangon F&B scene. A cozy cafe on the ground floor of the three storied building serves smoothies and bite-sized snacks, at the first floor you can cuddle with cute cats and on the second floor are the small pups. With an entrance fee of 5,000 MMK for a session with either the puppies or the cats, you have got yourself the best companions for your date!

Rare breeds

Freedom Cafe is home to some famous furry friends; meet Monster and Cleo rare Sphynx breeds, and the odd-eye Kho Manee cats Tom and Jerry.

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