iEat Grace Eden Kachin Restaurant

Popular small restaurant with variety of Kachin cuisine

Native Kachin food

The owner is originally from Myitkyina in Kachin State. She came to Yangon 13 years ago, first settled in Ahlone, then here in Sanchaung. All the traditional food at Grace Eden is homemade. “I import many ingredients from Kachin State” she says “steamed fish curry, papaya salad and ‘Mote Lat Htaung’ are the bestsellers here.”

A toddy for the road

Grace Eden is a great place to sample Kachin’s popular traditional drink, toddy palm wine. The white, sweet liquid with its distinct smell is not easy to come by in the city and Grace Eden is known for serving the real deal. They only sell on the premises to ensure quality.

I like the Kachin Dan Bouk (rice dish called pilaf/ pilau) here and it is the reason I come here very often when I miss Kachin food.
— a frequent customer

Kachin street

Shwe Pyi Aye Street is known as Kachin Street. People come from all over the city to sample authentic Kachin fare. Other neighbourhood favourites include Kha Khu and Samlut sister.

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