iPlay Jade Dragon Dance Club

Popular youth dance club with Chinese heritage

Famous in Yangon

This popular Sanchaung dance club has only been around for a few years, but its fame stretches far beyond the neighbourhood. Their dance group D.O.D. performs at functions, concerts and parties all over the city and they are regulars on TV.Jade Dragon even represented the country in a Myanmar-Chinese exchange programme dancing competition and will soon be featuring in a movie called ‘Underground Action Dance Movie’ by YoneLay.

D.O.D. will feature in a movie called ‘Underground Action Dance Movie.
— YoneLay

Urban dance moves

The club near the Chinese temple is where they hang out and practice their urban dance moves. There’s something for everyone, training sessions to prepare the hardworking crew for dance competition, but also trial sessions for those who are new to urban dance. As one of the dances shares: “People who come and dance here are mostly friends, but we’re always happy to have more trainees and help you reach your goal”.

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