iSurprise Ma Lun Rice Donation Association Yangon

A charity that supports nuns and monks all over Myanmar

Mandalay roots

This rice donation association has a long heritage. It was founded in the old royal capital Mandalay in 1896, a decade or so after the King was exiled from Myanmar. It has been running for over a hundred and twenty-four years. Its founding purpose was to support Buddhism in Myanmar by helping monks and nuns.

Rice in the city

When they came to Yangon in the pre-war years, they bought land from the government to set up the Yangon headquarters. This was a time when Sanchaung was mostly paddy fields and they would grow rice for the monks and nuns to the back of the building. Now, they find themselves in the middle of the city, the rice is grown elsewhere, but this is still the distribution centre for the many monasteries in Sanchaung and around Yangon.

There may be several small groups all over the nation, but we all work as a team.


The rabbit is the symbol of the association, you meet this positively spirited animal all around the premises.

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