iSee Maynigone Jamah Mosque

A friendly Muslim spiritual centre in the heart of Sanchaung

A place of history

The mosque, which first opened its doors on 1st December 1930, has been a home to the Sanchaung Muslim community for many generations. Azaan is held at 5 times per day and everyone is welcome to pray. Progressive and friendly, the mosque is also known for hosting the White Rose movement, a groundbreaking initiative to do away with interfaith tensions.

I come here every day, every time I am free for azaan, since I was a child. I actually try to come five times a day. This is the place for local Muslim men in Sanchaung to pray and be close to God.

A tight-knit community

Nearly a centry ago, funds pooled from the community to build the mosque, and also for the successive generations this historic place is very much a centre for the Muslim community. Going into the mosque, you’ll find groups of local men huddled about in circles, discussing the latest news, neighbourhood gossip and life in general. These circles are at the heart of Germay Mosque. Strike up a conversation and you will surely be greeted warmly.

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