iEat Min Lann Rakhine Restaurant

Authentic and fresh Rakhine traditional seafood

Rakhine rice noodles

If you want to try something traditional and spicy, Min Lan is a must. This place is famous for its fresh seafood dishes and Rakhine hand-made rice noodles. Authentic flavours are guaranteed, the signature herbs and fish paste “Nga Pi”, are imported from Thandwe, a beach town in Rakhine. Plates are cooked freshly after you chose the kind of fish, lobster, crab, shellfish, prawn, etc. from the aquarium. Locals keep coming back for the fisherman curry and the fish soup ‘Rakhine Mote Te’.

Traditional desserts

To end a perfect spicy meal after, try to the Myanmar traditional desserts to balance the palate. ‘Mote Paung’ (steamed rice cake filled with palm sugar syrup rolled in coconut shavings) is very popular as is ‘Mote Lat Saung’ a dish of short rice noodles served with brown palm sugar syrup.

I usually come here to eat Hlaw Sar (Rakhine traditional dessert). Min Lan has the best Hlaw Sar in Sanchaung.
— a regular patron

Diverse atmosphere

The food may be strictly Rahkine, the staff here is from all Myanmar’s ethnic groups, Chin, Shan, Burma, Karen and Rakhine. The warm collegial atmosphere is another signature of this always busy place. You may need toi queue, but the food will be worth the wait.

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