iEat Myeik Kaung Phyu Restaurant

The taste of Myeik

Seaside nostalgia

Myeik Gaung Phyu is the ultimate go to place in Sanchaung for those who want to explore the taste of Myeik cuisine from the southernmost part of Myanmar. The restaurant, furnished with wooden pieces and palm thatch umbrellas, gives you a nostalgic feeling of coastal town restaurants.

Signature dish

The restaurant continues to win hearts with its signature dish, Kat Kyay Kite or Myeik style fried flat rice noodles. Rich in flavour, the buttery taste of boiled peas balances the saltiness of seafood. Fresh bean sprouts and green onions add crunch and texture. Also popular is Thar Khway Yine, a famous dessert of black sticky rice with evaporated milk.

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