iSee Rangoon War Cemetery

A solemn place to remember those who died in the world wars

A quiet resting place

This quiet pocket away from the Sanchaung hustle and bustle is the final resting place for soldiers and sailors who died during the world wars. On the manicured lawns you find neatly organised plaques of no less than 1400 brave men; 450 from Myanmar (Kachin) and the others from the UK, Canada,Australia and as far away as Africa. Every 25th of April, the Australian Embassy sends flowers to commemorate their fellow countrymen who died here.

I have been working here for 18 years and it is an honour to maintain the cemetery.
— caretaker Ko Myo Thu from Ayeyarwady region

Love birds

Ko Myo Thu, the caretaker has maintained the grounds for nearly 20 years. He welcomes many different visitors, militaries, distant relatives but also many romantic couples that wander the ground amidst the chirping birds. It is even becoming a popular place to take pre-wedding pictures.

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