iEat Seik Taing Kya Teashop

Colourful traditional tea house with a loyal clientele

Goats and glory

STK has been a Sancaung fixture since 1986. This is where locals come for breakfast. Open as early as 4.30 am, the place is heaving with the morning mohinga crowd. The tea is good, the Nan-gyi Thoke great and the goat curry is legendary, spicy and tender. Try it with naan.

I have been working here for 20 years and a few of us for much more than that. Through all this time Seik Taing Kya has been a staple tea shop in Sanchaung. We cater to everyone.
— STK waiter

A local meeting point

The tea shop hosts a loyal clientele, some of whom have been loyal patrons since the beginning. It also has a colourful history. Because of its close location to Yangon University, during the 1988 protests, the tea shop helped hide students as they ran from police and military forces.

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