iSee Sree Sree Thandayuthapani Temple

Small but lively Hindu temple devoted to the goddess Kali

A tribute to Kali

The main shrine of the temple as well as its namesake, the goddess Kali is at the centre of religious rites and rituals. In Hinduism the goddess Kali is regarded as the last creation of god Durga in a mission to destroy demons and to destroy the evil in this universe. Because she can protect you from your enemies, she’s very popular. The temple may be small, but is a cool example of how the Hindu faith has localised in a Buddhist country. Gautama Buddha sits in a shrine right of the main shrine and outside the temple and a banyan tree acts as a holy representation of the Nats that occupy it and protect the temple.

This temple has been in Sanchaung for over a hundred years. We have daily donations from the community, even those who aren’t Hindus.

Rituals of protection

In the temple, you can donate an ‘a hlu pwel’.This traditional offering consists of a dozen bananas and a coconut. For a small fee, you’re lead to the altar, where the protection ritual begins. The process involves several steps, one of which involves smashing the coconut to the ground to remove the bad forces which could affect you.

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