iEat Win Star Beerstation

A huge and hugely popular Sanchaung beer station

Beer outlet of the year 2019

Win Star is the biggest beer station along the popular Sanchaung bar street. What makes it stand out among the many cafes and restaurants is the sheer size and late opening hours. Established in 2000 it has quickly become the go-to meetup place and was even voted the country’s best beer bar in 2019. It’s a friendly, clean and cheerful type of place, the deal here is BBQ and beer, served in signature frozen glasses.

It is a place to drink with my friends and eat BBQ with my family. Normally, I would not have dinner with my family in a beer shop, but here it feels ok.

Football nights

Champions League night? This is the place to watch. The place is packed with football fans who unite while sharing 10-glass towers of beer.

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