iSee 7 Mallory Street

Preserved historic tonglau, where the community meets

Heritage reborn

Carved out of 10 pre-World War II tenement houses built in the 1910’s 7 Mallory Street is an example of what can be achieved when heritage is conserved and adapted for a new use. The original cramped shop houses are now home to cafes and eateries, a variety of community facilities and a surprising open courtyard.

Original architecture

The tenements’ original architecture is a blend of Western and Chinese elements that was typical of pre-war Hong Kong. Many of the original details have been preserved: the roof tiles, wooden beams and the elegant balcony; the best place to overlook Burrow’s Street’s hustle and bustle.

The stairs and were made of wood. When people walked past, dust would fall off. There were no toilets, we used night soil services.
— Mr Chow
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