iEat Bakehouse

Signature egg tarts that sell over 900 pieces a day

Acclaimed neighbourhood bakery

Follow the lingering smell of buttery sweetness, and you’ll hit Bakehouse, the acclaimed bakery-slash-café found by Grégoire Michaud, Swiss-born passionate baker and former executive pastry chef. Now marching into its 3rd year, Bakehouse tops many foodies’ wish-lists and has become a new neighbourhood icon.

Twisting traditions

The magic behind Bakehouse’s success lies in the combination of traditional recipes and fresh innovative ingredients. Their egg tarts, the all-time best-seller, are made with a doughy, extra chewy sourdough crust that offers a refreshing texture and a creative spin from the regular Portuguese tarts. They easily sell over 900 tarts a day.

Don’t miss your chance!

Freshly baked bread is offered early in the morning, while pastries only come out of the oven at 11. Make sure you come at the right time for your favourite goodies - the queue is long and they sell out fast.

Tai Wong Street East was like a blank canvas, it had an underdog feeling. But it’s always busy, that’s why we like it
— Grégoire Michaud, owner of Bakehouse
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