iSurprise Cross Street Outdoor Market

Epitome of paidong culture

Street culture

Until the 1980s Wan Chai was the cradle of street markets. Small stalls on the streets and in the little laneways selling anything from groceries to watches, clothes and toys. We also had many food stalls serving congee and noodles. Most moved into cooked food markets nearby in 1970s. Can you imagine - at its height, there were over 2,000 dai pai dongs all over Hong Kong!

Traces of the past

Cross Street and Tai Yuen Street are one of these places where this unique street culture is still alive and vibrant. An ever-popular shopping destination with an attractive and affordable selection of local produce, dried goods and exotic fare reflecting its multicultural roots. Squeeze yourself into these narrow streets and experience this unique Hong Kong culture!

Cross Street still retains the authenticity of the past; this is where you can find eateries and paidongs.
— Cheng Po Hung, Historian
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