iShop Kam Bor Printing

Sunset craft hidden in paidong clusters

Less in demand

“My father founded Kam Por Printing here in Tai Yuen street in the 1950s,” says second-generation owner Mr Lun: “The demographics of Wanchai have been reshuffled – many old people moved out, and new residents moved in.” Now a rubberstamp master himself, he realises this is a sunset craft. “This is an era of pre-inked stamps – it’s all about speed these days.”

Changing tides

“When I was a kid, Tai Yuen Street used to be jam-packed with seafood and veggies hawkers in the early mornings. It was so lively and exciting at every corner. Our bonding was strong, we used to help each other out, but everything has changed. I can barely name the stalls, I no longer recognise the owners” says Mr Lun, who put a firm veto when the government suggested turning Tai Yuen Street into a street bazaar some years ago: “We don’t need another Lee Tung Avenue here. Instead, what's truly worth fighting for is the authentic hawker culture, something uniquely Hong Kong.”

The essence of old Wanchai was its tea restaurant culture: places like Ying King, Sheung Hei, and Lung Mun gave life to this area
— Mr Lun
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