iEat Kam Fung Restaurant

Afternoon tea Hong Kong style

Afternoon tea HK style

Pop in the busy cha chaan teng for afternoon tea, served with milk tea and accompanied by local delicacies such as pineapple bun, egg tarts and French toast. So popular that it is a rushed affair; you are expected to make your order in the blink of an eye and leave right after you swallow the last bite. This is afternoon tea Hong Kong style!

‘Sam dim sam’

Once the clock strikes the magical 3:15pm (pronounced as sam dim sam), you see long queues forming outside Kam Fung for its iced cold milk tea and pineapple bun with butter. Come early to secure your seats!

Stockings milk tea

Milk tea was introduced to Hong Kong by the British. Yet, instead of fresh milk, the locals prefer a dollop of condensed milk for a stronger flavour. A sackcloth bag is used to filter the tea leaves; hence, it’s also known as ‘silk stocking’ milk tea. Kam Fung was the first to keep the milk tea cold without adding ice to prevent the flavours from diluting when the ice melts.

No-nonsense style snacks at one of the last old school style cha chaan tengs left in Hong Kong
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