iSee Old Wanchai Market

Bauhaus-influenced old market building

Old Wan Chai market

This streamlined modern building was a Hong Kong icon for years, not only because of its distinctive symmetrical rounded shape but even more as one of Hong Kong’s busiest wet markets.

Modern architecture

When it was built in 1937, the Bauhaus style new Wanchai market was one of the most modern buildings in town. It replaced the first Wan Chai Market built in 1903, when also the tramline was extended to Wanchai.

The current Wanchai wet market is still a chill hang out spot for kaifongs
— Jan, founder, White Do

One Wan Chai

The Bauhaus building was scheduled to be demolished in 2007. But opposition from local residents saved the market from the wrecker's ball. Instead of outright demolition, a 148-metre residential tower, One Wan Chai, was built on top of the 12-metre-tall market.

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