iEat Se Wong Sun

Serpent infused brews by the ‘King of Snakes’

Brave enough?

Mr Sun usually sits right outside his 30-odd-year-old diner to greet passers-by. His signature dishes are not for the light-hearted. All products in this shop have many medicinal benefits: on offer are snake citrus ginger-soaked cough syrup for a sore throat, turtle soup for skin allergies and of course snake soup for a positive effect on a man’s vital organs.

Whose idea?

Snake soup was invented by a high-level Cantonese scholar-official in the late Qing Dynasty (early 1900s). A renowned foodie, he regularly hosted banquets in his home for the elite. The warming winter soup is one of his most well-known legacies.

Secret recipe

Snake soup is made of shredded meat from at least three kinds of snake including cobra, minced dark mushrooms, finely julienned chicken and ginger. Lemongrass and crispy wonton skins are served on the side to enhance flavour and texture.

When you hear: ‘snake soup, come try try!’ then you know you’ve found ‘Snake King’ Sun!
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