iSurprise Stone Nullah Lane

Stroll along Wanchai's iconic historic buildings and living heritage

What’s in a name?

Difficult to image now, but until 1959 there was a small river that ran down the middle of this street from the Kennedy Road mountain into the Victoria harbour (where Queen's Road East is now). A stone wall was built to prevent flooding in the rainy season: a Stone Nullah.

Layered history

This must be one of the city’s most historic streets. The Pak Tai Temple is among Hong Kong’s oldest original structures. The post office and the Blue House are reminders of early Wanchai, the days when the tramline was built and this was an upcoming residential neighbourhood. The Wanchai market signals the big 1930s reclamation and arrival of modern architecture.

Unique architectural layers in one street: classic colonial post office, hybrid blue and yellow shop houses and a Bauhaus style market building.
— Natalie, arts master student
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