iEat Sun Kau Kee Noodle Shop

Authentic Guangdong street food, a longstanding local favourite

Keeping the spirit alive

The legend of Sun Kau Kee began in the 90’s with old Mr Yim, selling wonton noodles from a pushcart and at Ming Yan Lane. “His noodles were wildly popular among kaifongs, especially in the old Lee Tung Street,” says current owner Rosa. “Being Wanchai residents ourselves, this used to be our go-to spot whenever we craved wonton noodles. When we found out Yim’s brother was about to retire, we jumped at the opportunity. We want to keep the authentic Guangdong food spirit alive in Hong Kong.”

Making good progress

Rosa and her boyfriend strive to keep the essences of Yim’s signature dishes, but are not afraid to experiment: “One of our boldest moves was to replace traditional gourmet powder with all-natural ingredients like small shrimp and tangerine peel. Authentic taste, but healthier.” They carefully source every single food item on their menu. Their signature chicken congee is made of local-farm chickens: “You can taste the freshness – it’s much more expensive than frozen chicken but definitely worth the extra penny.”

The must-tries

Ask any customer and they’d say the pork liver congee is a must-try: “Our chefs have created their own secret recipes to keep the pork liver soft and chewy. To get the right level of tenderness, let it soak in the steaming hot congee for a bit.” Other than pork liver, the signature deep fried fish balls and wontons are also perennial local favourites.

We want to keep the authentic Guangdong food spirit alive in Hong Kong.
— Rosa
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