Eat Like A Yangon Local: The Insider’s Guide to Sanchaung’s Sumptuous Food Scene

Sanchaung food local restaurants

Eat Like A Yangon Local: The Insider’s Guide to Sanchaung’s Sumptuous Food Scene

Sanchaung is an up-and-coming neighbourhood in Yangon known and loved for its eclectic vibe. People of all ages come here to watch and play chinlone at the flyover, go on a date in People’s Park, pray at the Koe Htet Kyi Pagoda, and enjoy mouth-watering dishes from different corners of Myanmar. Sanchaung is home to a wealth of people from a variety of backgrounds, and that reflects in its food: here, you’ll find everything from traditional Kachin, Rakhine and Myeik fare, to Indian and Shan cuisine. Food is an uniter in this highly diverse hood; everyone is welcome to try all of the treats that are on offer within a short stroll. To get you started on your Saunchaung food journey, we have compiled a list of seven eateries that locals love. Don’t be afraid to try the street food along the way as well! (Oh, and while you’re here, keep your eyes peeled for our beautiful Sanchaung map mural, underneath the Myaynigone flyover near Padomar park!)

Sanchaung Yangon

In Sanchaung Township, Sanchaung Lane is the place to be to start your food tour. Stretching around 2 kilometres, this road is lined with street food vendors, tea shops, restaurants and bars. Do come back here at different times, or simply linger for a while, as the food on offer changes constantly! 

Sanchaung Lane Area


1. Min Lann

Sanchaung food local restaurants

Min Lann is synonymous with Rakhine Cuisine in Yangon. If you’re craving spicy food, this is the place to go. Rakhine Mont Di—a spicy fish-based lemongrass rice noodle soup or salad, topped with either vegetable or fish fritters—is a staple dish in Rakhine State. If you’re new to this cuisine, we recommend the salad version, Bamar Monte Thote, topped with Fish Fritters. Ask for the regular spice level: any spicier, and you’ll most likely need Mote Paung—a rice cake with palm sugar syrup and coconut shavings—on the side to cool your burning tongue! The ingredients here are crisp and flavourful: the condiments for Min Lann’s dishes are straight from Sittwe, and their seafood is as fresh as it gets. The squid salad, fisherman’s soup, and Ngapali Grilled Prawn are delicious too. 

The food may be strictly Rahkine, but the staff here is from all of Myanmar’s ethnic groups: Chin, Shan, Burma, Karen and Rakhine. The warm, collegial atmosphere is another signature of this ever-buzzing place. You may need to queue to get in, but the food will be worth the wait! 

771 C, Shin Saw Pu Road | 11:00 am – 10:00 pm | +95 9 969910406 


2. Win Star Beer Station 

Sanchaung food local restaurants

Win Star is known for its beer, period. Voted the country’s best beer outlet of 2019, it’s the biggest beer station along Sanchaung Lane. Open late, Win Star has become a must-visit pitstop for bar-hoppers and football fans.

During Premier League and Champions League games the place is jam-packed; there’s no better place to root for your favourite team! Don’t forget to order some delicious BBQ to go with your ice-cold brews in signature frozen glasses, there’s no better combo! 

Sanchaung Street | Open daily 9 am – 11 pm | +95 1 510 734 / +95 9 862 2100 


3. Golden City Chetty Restaurant (Shwe Myo Taw)

Sanchaung food local restaurants

Located along Padonmar street and attached to the football Stadium, Golden City Chetty Restaurant is a great place to enjoy South Indian cuisine in Sanchaung. Both its breakfast and lunch options are excellent: start your day with naans and parathas, best washed down with a wonderfully rich Malai tea.

A truly surprising and fun breakfast choice is Arloo Puri, balloon-shaped thin fried dough. For lunch, the sumptuous curries and unlimited bean curry and rice on offer are bound to leave you full and satisfied. 

 7B, Corner of Padonmar Street and Mingalar Street | open daily 9 am – 9 pm | +95 1 518248 / +95 9 50545122 


4. Grace Eden

Sanchaung has a large Kachin diaspora, which reflects in the food on offer here: on Shwe Pyi Aye Street alone, you’ll find four Kachin restaurants. While they all have their own specialities, Grace Eden is a great place to sample toddy palm wine, Kachin’s popular traditional drink.

The white, sweet liquid with its distinct smell is not easy to come by in the city and Grace Eden is known for serving the real deal. Pair it with one of their many homemade curries, cooked with ingredients straight from Kachin State. Try Grace Eden’s steamed fish curry, papaya salad and the Mote Lat Htaung. Trust us, you won’t regret it! 

14 Shwe Pyi Aye Street | open Mon-Sat, 9 am – 9 pm | +95 9 32123983 


Shan Kone/Ma Po Lann Area


5. Myeik Kaung Phyu

Sanchaung food local restaurants

Myeik Kaung Phyu serves food from the southern string of Myanmar. Myeik food is known for its Kat Kyay Kite, fried flat rice noodles topped with delicious peas, seafood, and green onions.

Rich in flavour, the buttery taste of boiled peas balances the saltiness of seafood. Fresh bean sprouts and green onions add crunch and texture. This dish is best paired with Thar Khyway Yine, a famous dessert made with black sticky rice and evaporated milk.

3 Nyaung Tone Street | open daily 9 am – 11 pm | + 95 9 73227364 


6. Wai Wai’s Noodle Place

Sanchaung food local restaurants

Wai Wai’s Noodle Place is both a restaurant and a cosy guesthouse. The menu boasts a wide variety of Northern Shan flavours from Moe Mei, the hometown of Miss Wai Wai, the owner of the place.

As any good restaurant here should, Wai Wai carries a steady supply of condiments from Shan State: fermented goods, chillies and dried herbs are all imported straight from Moe Meik. Here, the bestsellers are Shan sticky noodles and the tea leaf salad.

4A Thukha Street | the restaurant is open daily from 9 am – 5 pm | +95 1 525967 


7. Seik Taing Kya 

Sanchaung food local restaurants

Seik Taing Kya has a long and storied history in Sanchaung. This local teashop has been a fixture since 1986, and both the menu and the staff has barely changed since then, a true testament to the quality of their food. The only thing that’s changed is its location to accommodate a larger crowd. If you want to experience the real local Sanchaung, Seik Taing Kya is the place to go. The tea shop hosts a loyal clientele, some of whom have been coming here since the beginning. Because of its close location to Yangon University, during the 1988 protests, the shop helped hide students as they ran from police and military forces.  

Open as early as 4:30 am (!), this is a great place for early birds to have breakfast or for night owls to enjoy a late-night snack. The tea is good, the Nan-gyi Thoke is great and the goat curry—spicy and tender— is legendary. Try it with naan.

44 Ma Po Street, Myay Ni Gone | open daily 4:30 am – 6 pm | +95 1 535 564 / +95 9 794 212 939 / +95 9 777 330 732 


This walking itinerary has been created by a group of 25 Yangon youngsters, keen to share their favourite places to eat, shop, play and pray. They were part of a joint mapping project with two Yangon social enterprises Doh Eain and Rangoon Revealed, proudly powered by UNESCO Myanmar.

Ready to enjoy Sanchaung’s food and everything else this hood has to offer?


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